How Does TENS Work?
TENS works as a pain treatment system through electrotherapy. TENS units send continuous and mild high-frequency electrical currents into your body with the use of electrodes which are placed strategically over the painful area. These electric currents block the pain signals that are sent to your brain. This mild electrotherapy also helps activate your endorphins, or your body’s painkiller, to ease the pain.

Is TENS Treatment Safe?
Yes, TENS devices are safe and quality tested; the treatment is also pain-free. You must first seek the advice of your healthcare provider, however, before using TENS devices. There are many different models of TENS units and electrodes available on the market that vary depending on your skin type and the kind of pain you’re experiencing.

Is TENS Treatment Safe For Everybody?
Not always. Even though it is proven safe for use, TENS units are not advisable for pregnant women and for people who have heart conditions. Patients should consult their physician first before using a TENS unit to make sure that there is no other underlying conditions or contraindications.

How To Use TENS?
TENS units are portable and easy to use; just follow the directions in the manual that’s included with your TENS unit. Your physician may also have special instructions that must be followed regarding the electric pulse intensity for your specific needs.

Are There Side Effects When Using TENS?
No. TENS treatments are free of side effects, unlike prescription and/or over-the-counter medications. Most painkillers are narcotics and cause addiction, as opposed to TENS, which is not habit-forming.

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